What is a CakeSicle?

Imagine all the yummy goodness of a moist cupcake, mixed with rich sweet icing, formed into a bite-size treat, dipped in a candy coating then decorated and served on a stick.The texture of the inside of the cake pop is truffle- or cookie dough-like…Voila! The perfect bite of sweetness and fun. Customizable and serves easily, with a little or no clean-up.

What kind of ordering options do you offer and are they customizable?

Our CakeSicle arrangements and boxes make great gifts for the holidays, Mother’s Day, or just because they are delicious!  We offer pre selected themes (example/ Thanksgiving themed with seasonal favorites, Connie’s favorites, etc), as well as customizable baskets/boxes that allow you to choose your favorite flavors and choice of design and theme.

How many CakeSicles should I order per guest?

If they are being given as favors, we suggest one per person with a few extras for “just in case”. If they are on the dessert table, we suggest 1.5 per person. We know what you’re thinking..but we can assure you that these are very rich and decadent and go a long way! You can always round up if you’re unsure.

Do you do large/bulk orders for events and parties?

Yes! We can do weddings and large events, and offer Cake Pop cakes (displays) which can be up to 300+ CakeSicles in one display and customized by color, décor, and flavor to fit your events every need.

Do you do corporate gifts?

Yes,Connie’s CakeSicles make classic, elegant gifts. We offer a variety of corporate gift options that can be customized with your corporation’s logo and colors that will make a lasting impression.

Where are you located?

We are a cottage business located in Northwest San Antonio, near The Rim shopping Center.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

Because each of our Cake Pops are made to order by hand, regular orders require a minimum 48 hour processing time. (i.e. if you order on Monday before noon, your item will be ready on Wednesday). For specialty orders such as weddings, large events, or corporate gifts please contact us for timing and details.

Can I place a rush order?

Yes,it is possible depending on the schedule but you will need to call us for immediately for us to make that determination. There will be a $15-25 Rush fee, depending on the size of the order, and we do our best to accommodate your needs. Connie has helped out many stranded shower hosts who were supposed to provide cake pops for that all important get together!

What is your shipping/delivery policy?

As a Cottage Food Business, we are unable to ship our CakeSicles. Delivery will be $10-$20 depending on location.

What is your return policy?

We take great pride in our CakeSicles, from creation to delivery. We take meticulous care to package your product and while we never expect damage to occur, Connie’s CakeSicles cannot be held responsible or offer refunds for any damage and/or delays that occur once your order has been released. Please take care to read the care instructions on each order.

How do I care for my CakeSicles?

Our CakeSicles are baked to order  and will remain fresh in room temperature for up to a week. For a longer shelf life you may store your cake pops in the fridge for up to a week.

* Heat warning*  Please take great care when transporting your CakeSicles in our HOT Texas weather. Please never, ever leave them unattended in a hot vehicle, even for just a minute. The heat will soften the candy and cause them to start sliding.

Arrangements tend to be top-heavy so they must be secured during travel, so they don’t tip over.

Are there any peanut ingredients in your CakeSicles?

We do not use any peanut ingredients or peanut oils in our Cake Pops. However, we cannot guarantee the supplies we purchase have not come in contact with peanuts. If you a have a severe allergy to peanuts we would recommend you purchasing from a certified nut free facility. Please note: we do use other tree nuts such as almonds and coconut.

Do you offer Gluten free CakeSicles?

While at this time we do not carry a gluten free option, we are working on it and hope to offer them very soon!